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AMaViS RPM packages (for Postfix MTA)

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About the files

General information

I'm pasting here an edited copy (to give credit to the people who created the RPM packages used as starting point for the ones I prepared) of the email announcement I sent to the amavis-user mailing list


I have uploaded a set of rpm packages of the 20010714 snapshot of
amavisd and all the related programs and Perl modules. The URL is

The amavisd package was prepared so it is configured by default to
interface with the Postfix MTA.

Hopefully the packages should help people to implement AMaViS on Red
Hat Linux systems (in fact I'm running it on my RHL 6.2 systems. I
use and recommend the excellent rpm packages of Postfix Simon J. Mudd
maintains at

The amavisd rpm package is based in the work done by the SuSE people
for their package plus some bugfixes and tweaks both to the amavisd
files ant to the rpm creation process.

Source (recommended) and binary (Red Hat Linux 6.2/i386, noarch) packa-
ges are available.

All the packages are prepared, built and tested on a Red Hat Linux 6.2
system, but I think they should work on newer versions of the distribu-
tion if you download and rebuild the source rpms.

The packages are GPG signed. You can download my public key from

or from

Please report any problem, send patches, comments rants, ... to

Information about the amavisd package ... follows:

Name        : amavisd-postfix
Version     : 20010714
Release     : 3rm
Summary     : AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner
License     : GPL
Group       : System Environment/Daemons
Build Date  : Thu 25 Oct 2001 08:01:26 AM GMT+3
Build Host  :
Source RPM  : amavisd-postfix-20010714-3rm.src.rpm
Size        : 364902
Packager    : Ramiro Morales <>
Description  :
AMaViS is a script that interfaces a mail transport agent (MTA) with
one or more virus scanners.

This version is a big change from the 0.2.x series of the software and
from the second generation amavisd-perl-11 as the main virus scanning
script now run as a Perl daemon (amavisd) that communicates with the
MTA through sockets and a small, compact client program.

Although MTAs currently supported by AMaViS are Exim, Qmail, Postfix,
and Sendmail; this package was created with Postfix in mind. Please
refer to the README.postfix file included in the package.

Also, this package comes configured by default to use the H+BEDV
( antivirus package. If you plan to use another
of the suported virus scanners then you should edit /etc/amavisd.conf.
Please see the README.scanner file.




Name                  Version  Based on work from
amaviasd-postfix      20010714 SuSE Linux plus fixes and RHL adaptation

file                  3.33     Backport from pre RHL 7.2 work from Red Hat team (this version does recognize TNEF files)
arc                   5.21e    Peter Soos <sp at osb dot hu>
lha                   1.14i    Mandrake Linux team
unarj                 2.43     Backport from RHL 7.1 from Red Hat team
unrar                 2.71     Polished Linux Distribution team
zoo                   2.10     Peter Soos <sp at osb dot hu>
perl-IO-stringy       1.220    Created from scratch using cpanflute script
perl-Unix-Syslog      0.95     Created from scratch using cpanflute script
perl-MailTools        1.15     Created from scratch using cpanflute script
perl-MIME-Base64      2.12     Backport from pre RHL 7.2 work from Red Hat team 
perl-MIME-tools       5.411    Mandrake Linux team
perl-Convert-UUlib    0.201    Created from scratch using cpanflute script
perl-Convert-TNEF     0.16     Created from scratch using cpanflute script
perl-Compress-Zlib    1.14     Created from scratch using cpanflute script
perl-Archive-Tar      0.22     Mandrake Linux team, further AMaViS-specific patching so the module does not use compression
perl-Archive-Zip      0.11     Created from scratch using cpanflute script
perl-libnet           1.0703   Created from scratch using cpanflute script


I'm trying to put together a rpm package of the new 20011031 snapshot. I'm just trying to get around a rather obscure problem involving AMaViS, the MIME::Tools Perl package and the Perl taint mode. For more info about these problems see this thread and this message.


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  Rout for pointing this. I dream about the day I can afford the costs 
  associated with decent hosting. But living in a 'developing country' does 
  not help too much (just coming from a meeting where a 20% salary cut 
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