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cyrus-imapd RPM packages

Standard disclaimer:

The files which may be downloaded from this site are provided without any warranties or support.

Version: 2.0.9

Revision: 4.62.crm (released Jan 22, 2001)

Download the source RPM to rebuild it in your system (recommended)

You can then do (you must be root for the following steps):

rpm -i cyrus-imapd-VVV-RRR.src.rpm

Now you can (in the /usr/src/redhat/SPECS directory) do:

rpm -ba /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/cyrus-imapd-....spec
And then you will have your personalized RPM in

Or if you are a user of a Intel system you can download the the i386 binary RPM built on my Red Hat Linux 6.2 system

To view all the necessary files to build the RPM go here, this directory follows the structure of the the /usr/src/redhat directory.

Note: The hosting service server don't accept the file located in the SOURCES directory because of the '+' symbol in the name so it's renamed and you must rename the file to the original name before re-building your own binary RPM package. The files.tar.gz file contains all the same files packed with the correct names so you may want to get it instead.

To do:

About the packages this RPM depends on:

It is strongly recommended you use a cyrus-sasl-1.5.24-rev (rev >= 11 in the official errata for RHL 7, current rev = 16 in the beta release of RHL 7.1 codenamed Fisher) package from Red Hat, previous versions are broken (see Red Hat Bugzilla bug #18968)

Red Hat 6.2 users: You can obtain db3 (and db3-devel if you are building the cyrus-imapd packages in your system) by downloading the RPM from the RHL 7 distribution or from Raw Hide.

Red Hat 6.2 users: For the cyrus-imapd itself and all the auxiliary packages referenced here it is advisable to download the source RPM and recompile them using rpm 3.0.5 (the recommended version as per Red Hat official errata).

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Last modified Tue Feb 6 2001

Ramiro Morales <rmrpms at usa dot net>