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cyrus-imapd RPM packages

Standard disclaimer:

The files which may be downloaded from this site are provided without any warranties or support.

Version: 2.0.11

Revision: 5.62.crm (released Feb 14, 2001)

Download the source RPM to rebuild it in your system (recommended)

You can then do (you must be root for the following steps):

rpm -i cyrus-imapd-VVV-RRR.src.rpm

Now you can (in the /usr/src/redhat/SPECS directory) do:

rpm -ba /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/cyrus-imapd-....spec
And then you will have your personalized RPMs in

Or if you use an Intel system you can download the i386 binary RPMs built on my Red Hat Linux 6.2 system.

Some relevant advice before installing

For all users:

The installation does not configures the system to start cyrus-imapd automatically at boot-time. You can do it with your favourite Sys V runlevel editor.

For all users upgrading for some previous RPM version:

Stop the old daemon before the upgrade operation. It keeps the post-uninstall script of the previous version from starting automatically the new daemon.

For users upgrading from versions < 2.0.x:

Please read the documentation before upgrading (you can install the new cyrus-imapd-doc package for this), the critical files to read are changes.html (all the functional changes are detailed here), install-configure.html (changes in the Linux-specific recommended list of directories that should get the synchronous-write ext2fs attribute applied) and install-upgrade.html (the recommended upgrade procedures are described here).

For users upgrading from the previous release of the package downloaded from this site (2.0.9-4.62.crm):

The package is now split in a main package and -doc sub-package, remember to download both.

After the upgrade process you will get a /var/imap/mailboxes.db.rpmsave file, please rename the file to /var/imap/mailboxes.db and then start the new daemon (this is because the file was marked as an configuration file in the previous release so rpm saves it at un-install time). If you have a big installation and want to be really safe, I must not say you should save a backup-copy of the file before the upgrade. Just don't forget to check it is owned by user cyrus and group mail.

If you use timsieved, read install-upgrade.html


Most relevant changes since the last release:

- Update to 2.0.11
- Explicit dependency of cyrus-sasl >= 1.5.24-11
- Create a doc sub-package so people coming from
  versions < 2.0.x can know the implications before upgrading.
- Add patch from Lawrence Greenfield for bad file descriptor
  ordering and rlimit type portability.
- Add patch from Bitt Faulk for spurious linking with libwrap
  in programs not needing it.
- Added postinstall console message about reading
  install-upgrade.html for people doing an upgrade.
- Added newly supported reload action to initscript.
- Incorporate RedHat fixes: disable snmp support, honor
  CFLAGS when building the perl sieve library.
- Initscript: delete debugging lines added in previous release
- Many minor fixes and mods (updated set of manpages, 
  initscript fixes and tweaks, omit unneeded files and 
  patches, mods for avoid crashing with files installed by 
  Postfix, etc.)

To do

About the packages this RPM depends on

It is strongly recommended you use a cyrus-sasl-1.5.24-rev with rev = 11 (rev = 11 in the official errata for RHL 7 and rev = 16 in the beta release of RHL 7.1 code-named Fisher) package from Red Hat, previous versions are broken (see Red Hat Bugzilla bug #18968)

Red Hat 6.2 users: You can obtain db3 (and db3-devel if you are building the cyrus-imapd packages in your system) by downloading the RPM from the RHL 7 distribution or from Raw Hide.

Red Hat 6.2 users: For the cyrus-imapd itself and all the auxiliary packages referenced here it is advisable to download the source RPM and recompile them using rpm 3.0.5 (the recommended version as per Red Hat official errata).

Changes (to this page)

* Wed Feb 28 2001
- Delete 'the initscript problem when stopping the daemon' problem from the ToDo 
  list because it was fixed just before releasing the package.

* Thu Feb 15 2001
- Added postfix related changes description. Fixed typos and mod date of page.

* Wed Feb 14 2001
- version 2.0.11; release 5.62.crm annouced.

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Last modified Wed Feb 28 2001

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