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DRACd RPM packages

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RPM packages specific notes

This is the content of the README.RPM file included in the package:
RPM package of DRACd

DRACd version      : 1.11
rpm package release: 6rm
Release date       : Mon Jul 16 2001

1. Packaging

   The package was built and tested in a Red Hat Linux 6.2 system 
   with every relevant official errata published by Red Hat applied. 
   The version of rpm used is 3.0.5 (more specifically, the version of 
   official errata, note that 
   I'm not yet using the recently published official update of rpm to 
   version 4.0.2).

   IMPORTANT: It is recommended to download the source rpm and 
              rebuild it with:

              # rpm --rebuild <dracd-x.x.x-x.src.rpm>

              This is specially true if you are going to use it under 
	      RHL 7 or 7.1.
   The package is GPG signed. You can download My GPG public key 
   or from

2. Configuration

   The initscript has been modified to allow configuration of the
   server using a file that is preserved between updates of the 
   The file is /etc/sysconfig/drac, and the two parameters you can set

   EXPIRE_TIME: Specifies the expire time limit (the number of minutes
	the entries will remain in the database).

   DBFILE: Specifies the db file where the relay authorization map 
	is maintained (seldom changed from the default value).

   Example (and default values in the file installed by the rpm 


   NOTE: Remember to restart the DRAC daemon after modifying 

3. To do list

   - Try to write some lines about security implications of using 
     portmap and how to to tight the configuration to minimize them.

4. Feedback

   Please send any comments, rants, bug-reports, etc. about the 
   package or this file to rmrpms at usa dot net.

// -- end of file ---


Most relevant changes since the last release:

- Create README.RPM file documenting daemon configuration
- Fix extra newline in initscript
- GPG sign the packages


Changes (to this page)

* Tue Jul 17 2001
- validation service passed.

* Mon Jul 16 2001
- Create page, insert README.RPM file contents.

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