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Modified RHL 6.2 RPM packages

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Modified RHL 6.2 packages On Nov 16 2000 Red Hat published a security update for modutils, which, apart from fixing the problem at hand, signified the update to a more recent version on the upstream package that deprecates the use of the file /etc/conf.modules in favor of /etc/modules.conf for configuring the kernel modules loaded at boot time.

This new version screams strongly when the old file exists and even when you use a link between the two files so I decided to patch the source code of some other utilities (initscripts, sndconfig, kudzu, mkinitrd) that read/modify /etc/conf.modules to avoid this and more importantly to avoid problems of un-synchronized configurations when you modify the hardware of your system and run these utilities.

The sources patched were the SRPMs packages of the original RHL 6.2 distribution so the modification just described is the only (if you are unsure you can download the SRPMs of my packages and compare the specfiles and pristine sources against the originals).


source RPMs to rebuild it in your system (recommended)

You can then do (you must be root for the following steps):

rpm -i -VVV-RRR.src.rpm

Now you can (in the /usr/src/redhat/SPECS directory) do:

rpm -ba /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/-....spec
And then you will have your personalized RPMs in

Or if you use an Intel system you can download the i386 binary RPMs built on my Red Hat Linux 6.2 system.

For installation/rebuilding instructions follow some of the links for other RPMs located in the main page because the process is very similar.

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