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Some RPM packages


I wanted to share some of the packages I have tweaked/created in order to install them on my Linux systems (I use Red Hat Linux).

The reason behind preparing them is one of

This is the place where I will publish them.

Please feel free to report bugs/send patches/etc. in order to enhance them. The same applies to the pages of the site and my poor english.

Preparation/build environment

Available packages

I hope being able to put on-line some more soon.

PHP-Nuke An actively developed weblog system.

Cyrus IMAP/POP server An high performance and very scalable mail store and retrieval system from Carnegie Mellon University.

Cistron RADIUS server A free implementation of a RADIUS server by Miquel van Smoorenburg.

XtRadius server A free implementation of a RADIUS server based in Cistron RADIUS server with an additional characteristic: It runs an external process at authentication time to decide the fate of the user sending the request. For additional information visit Note: The version you can download here is based in Cistron 1.6.4 while the last official version from is 1.0beta3 based in Cistron 1.6.3 so I named it 1.0beta4; I'm sending a message to the people now to notify of the new packages, maybe they can take a look at the merging work (read: use it at you own risk).

For installation/rebuilding instructions follow some of the links above because the process is very similar.

Modified RHL 6.2 packages Updated RPMs of some packages (initscripts, sndconfig, kudzu, mkinitrd) that read/modify /etc/conf.modules to avoid problems when upgrading to the modutils version in the official errata from Red Hat.

Changes (to this page)

* Wed Feb 28 2001
- Move the conf.modules packages description to other page and put a link to it here.

* Wed Feb 21 2001
- Upload and add mkinitrd to the list of packages for the conf.modules issue.

Last modified Wed Feb 28 2001

Ramiro Morales <rmrpms at usa dot net>